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童话之城  The City of Fairy Tale

童话之城 The City of Fairy Tale

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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-83-5
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Author: 王元
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This is a story that happened in Pandan New Village in Selangor. Tong Hua was a girl who lived there with her grandfather. When she was seven years old, her grandfather told her that he accidentally found himself in a mysterious place called ‘The City of Fairy Tale’ where he experienced a journey of fantasy. In that city, the sky was exceptionally blue, the valleys blossomed with wild flowers, the river sparkled colorfully in seven different hues, the people there were kind and peace-loving and the animals there could talk! Grandfather told her: “If a white crow is found, then one could open the gate to the ‘City of Fairy Tale’ ”.

After many years, her grandfather passed away. To honour her grandfather’s last wishes, she decided to write about ‘The City of Fairy Tale’. Her best friend, Ah Tan, after reading about the story, discovered that the story had hidden meanings. He suspected that her grandfather had wanted to leave her important clues in the story. So, they started to focus on the uncertainties in the story, followed the clues faithfully just so that they could find out what secret her grandfather had hidden in ‘The City of Fairy Tale’...







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Rating : 99%
Date :
Review : 很温馨的一个故事, 再读这本书时, 我哭了很多遍。这个感动的故事, 轻轻地就进入了我心里。 王元姐姐加油! (我超爱红蜻蜓少年长篇小说哦!)

Name :
Rating : 95%
Date :
Review : 好看,一口气就把这本小说看完了。不知作者几时会再出书呢?好期待!

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Rating : 93%
Date :
Review : 没想到原来是一本亲情+推理的小说,布局完美,很多伏笔,有令我一口气看完的冲动. 最后的结局可说是峰回路转,完全出乎我的预料,但又合乎逻辑,是我喜欢的小说种类. PS : 红蜻蜓的小说还是不错的。