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不速之客 The Visitor

不速之客 The Visitor

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ISBN code: 978-967-0370-44-6
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Author: 陈惠君
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Li Yang and Li Si are a pair of brother and sister who grew up in the cold Loong Fei Highlands. Their family business deals with a strawberry farm and a homestay programme. Li Yang, being a warm and friendly boy frequents the farm and the ‘homes’ and is never afraid of strangers.


One day, a red-haired auntie appeared with two young children in town. She claimed to be a relative of their mother. Their mother allowed them to stay at one of the ‘homes’ and instructed Li Yang to be a good host to the visitors. Their father was not so agreeable though as he was sceptical about their relationship and felt that giving them free lodging is unthinkable. He even called them ‘the unwelcomed visitors’ behind their backs.


Li Yang was not bothered by his father and continued to entertain them warmly, bringing the two children, Hai Lin and Hai Chuan round happily. They were drawn closer to one another within a short while. Just when Li Yang felt that he was getting on very well with them, Hai Lin began to avoid him. She even began to behave strangely…


What had happened to Hai Lin? And what was it that made her avoid Li Yang?



Name :
Rating : 92%
Date :
Review : 很不错的一本小说,加油!

Name :
Rating : 56%
Date :
Review : 我比较喜欢看感动人心的故事。 这个故事没有令我感动到。

Name :
Rating : 65%
Date :
Review : 加油!

Name :
Rating : 70%
Date :
Review : 好看!不过故事少了刺激的起伏。 故事前头与中间的内容都较平凡无起伏,到了故事最尾端的时候才有起伏。结局早已在未看完前就可以预料到。