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    幼儿学句型 Learn Sentences
    《幼儿学句型》是专为二至六岁的幼儿而准备的句型学习书。本系列能让幼儿认识句型,并通过重复运用,让幼儿掌握正确的句子。This series of ‘Learn Sentences’ is specially prepared for 2 to 6 year-old children. It enables these young children to recognise sentence structure.
    轻松伴读系列 Reading Together Series
    专家的伴读指导,让您轻轻松松为孩子说故事,享受美好的阅读时光!With interaction guides from experts, enjoy lovely moments with your child through story-telling!
    幼儿首100字 1st-Hundred Words
    幼儿200字  2nd-Hundred Words
    幼儿300字-400字 3rd to 4th Hundred Words
    幼儿500字-800字  5th to 8th Hundred Words
    幼儿900字-1200字  9th to 12th Hundred Words
    主题故事  Theme Story
    把幼儿在日常生活中接触到的事物(如小动物、水果等),编绘成没有文字的纯图画故事,让幼儿轻松学习,做好阅读的准备。 With illustrations of everyday stories without text, parents and teachers can use the flashcards to discuss what's happening inside the pictures.
    学前华文课本 Pre- School Chinese Text Book
    情绪课室 Social Emotion
    根据教育部学前教育课程纲要,“社会和情绪”是幼儿必修单元。《红蜻蜓情绪课室》根据“社会和情绪”课程纲要编排内容,分为三个阶段,每阶段20堂课。 The above is to educate the children on how to control their emotions including how to be moreindependent, to have self confidence and respecting each other’s opinion.