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命运抽奖 A New Life

命运抽奖 A New Life

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ISBN code: 978-967-0564-37-1
Author: 谢智慧
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Zheng Qian's parents were gamblers. They often owed a great debt. There were always debt collectors waiting outside their house, using a variety of methods to collect debts. Her parents liked to bring along her two years old younger sister and hung around the casino all day, and left Zheng Qian in their neighbor Aunt Chun Hua's house. Aunt Chun Hua's raised her five grandchildren alone. She was a mean and ruthless old lady. Her eldest granddaughter Zi Shan was in the same boat with Zheng Qian because both of them were treated badly by her. Zheng Qian had to tolerate Aunt Chun Hua's behaviors, at the same time worried about the debt collectors coming after her. She even worried that her parents would go bankrupt and sell her off to pay their debts.

One day, Zheng Qian and her family were disturbed by those debt collectors again. Her parents decided to leave the place temporarily. They sent her younger sister to the orphanage and left Zheng Qian at Aunt Chun Hua's house.

Zheng Qian felt sad and scared, her mind was full of anger.

“Do you want to have a brand new life?”

She remembered that she once registered the “Lottery of Fate” online and got invited to participate in their "Reborn Program" – fifteen lucky winners will be allowed to bring one of their friends or relatives and reborn in a brand new family by switching bodies. If that incredible rebirth plan was real, it would be a great opportunity for her to change her life.

Zhen Qian decided to go with Zi Shan. They wanted to have a brand new life, a peaceful and happy family…

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Rating : 100%
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Review : 超有趣,后头还有个转折,利用人性的善恶为主题,成了我心目中读过最好的小说